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"Do You LOVE...Your Job? Do You HATE... Your Job? Or You JUST DON'T CARE...?"

“Given Current Events, Have You Been Layed Off? Will Your Employer Close Their Business? When Will The Business Reopen? Will You Still Be Employed With Them When This Crisis Is Over...?"


Dear Reader...

Hello. My Name is Wolfgang. I have a question for you. Do you love your job, hate your job or just indifferent and doing it until something better comes along?

According to a poll commissioned by recruitment agency Hays Canada. Statistics show that 47% of people hate their job, or are just doing it until something better comes along.

Next question. When was the last time you got a raise? What percentage of your current wage was it? Was it more than 3% or less? If it was less, then your wages are not even keeping up with inflation!

OK one more question. Why are you working? Is it that you love to work at something and build someone else’s dream? Is it for the money? Or is it for the freedom that your job will give you and your family so that you can build your dream?

What if I told you that the majority of Canadians fall into the last 2 categories. They are looking to make as much money as they can, so that ultimately they can have the freedom to do whatever they want, whenever they want. Is your current employment situation allowing you to do that? Are you building their dream or your dream?

Are you getting paid what you are worth? Does your employer allow you to take time off anytime you need to for family emergencies, or for extended family vacations, or when you just don’t feel like going into work that day?

No, not really? Then what are you doing about your situation? Are you just hoping things will get better or are you proactive and actually looking to improve your situation?

Yes you could start your own business, but that has its own set of issues. For the most part whether you’re a professional, that being a doctor, lawyer, dentist, accountant, etc., or maybe a tradesperson. Or maybe you want to have your own retail store. What do all these different professions have in common? Yes you call yourself a business owner but are you? You are actually self employed!

According to Robert Kiyosaki, to be a business owner you have to have a business that you can take a back seat to it and the business will run itself, and be profitable whether you are present or not. Until you can do that you are self employed.

OK enough gloom. Now something more positive.

I could use your help. I’m currently looking to add 5 people to my team who want to build their own brokerage businesses across Canada.  If you're not interested that's fine. Maybe the timing is not right. But if you know someone that is looking for a lucrative career, then maybe you can send them my way. I know what you’re thinking, and no it’s not MLM marketing. I operate a brokerage and am looking to expand and eventually the right candidate will run their own brokerage business. To do that I want to bring 5 people on board who want to finally achieve the freedom they are looking for that their current employment situation is not giving them. For the right person you’ll receive the required training and that’s regardless of you’re age whether you’re in your 30’s, 40’s or even 50’s. This is well suited for someone who is been in the work force for awhile and has either been downsized or is just looking to finally take control of their work situation. Or even someone who wants to have a side gig that can bring in an extra $1000 per month. How much would an extra $1000 per month affect your financial situation? There is plenty of growth potential. You can work towards building and owning your own brokerage business and finally have a business that will work for you, instead of you working constantly at being an employee or self employed. You can also pass it on to your family as your families business and have the business take care of your family. You are building a legacy! Most times being self employed won’t let you do that, once you stop working so does your business, and as an employee you will never be able to do that! Not here. If you have the desire, by building your own brokerage business you have the opportunity to take financial care of future family generations!

"Do You Want To Take Control Of Your Financial Future?"

"Is Time And Financial Freedom Important To You And Your Families Future ?"

"Do You Know Someone Who Is Dealing With These Current Work Situations ??"


  • You are working towards a promotion to get into management. You work extra hours. Those extra hours take you away from your family. All those long hours pay off and you get the promotion. But now you’re expected to keep working those extra hours just to “prove“ to your employer that you are worthy of the promotion.



  • You work hard trying to prove that you qualify for a promotion. You employer decides to promote you to a supervisory level. You now have more responsibility and are able to make decisions affecting how others work beneath you. Only one catch. Your employer can’t pay you a management wage so you get a nominal increase in your pay if any at all. But if you want to keep your position, you accept the fact you are not making much more income with the hope that maybe one day you’ll still get promoted to management.



  • Your employer has a management position open. Unfortunately you don’t know when that position will be filled so you work hard trying to prove you are capable to handle the new position along with its new responsibilities. You then find out that your employer had an employee transfer from another location or department. They got the position, but your employer says that they were better qualified. However there will be another position coming available and that you should keep on working hard doing what you’re doing and there might be a chance next time.



  • You work hard at your current job. Your employer hires someone else to work with you. You then find out that they are getting paid more for doing the same work you are doing.



  • Your employer states that they promote from within the company and if you work hard you too can become part of the upper management team. The only part your employer forgot to tell you is that there is only one such position available and that it will take a long time for that current employee that holds it to leave or retire. And when they do, there could be more candidates waiting to apply for that position. Your employer may then change the rules and even look outside the business to find someone more talented.



  • Your employer is finally giving you a raise. Your wage will be increased by 3%. Your employer makes the raise sound like they really worked to get you that raise since you deserve it for working so hard. But your employer reminds you that you can’t slow down. They try every means to justify you getting a whole 3% wage increase! The problem with that is that 3% just keeps up with inflation so in reality you are just breaking even!



  • You give everything you have for your employer. You are loyal to a fault. Then one day you are “downsized” or “rightsized” and laid off. There can be several reasons. Either the economy isn’t as good now, or your employer wants to be more lean and competitive, or they may have even been bought out by the competition and the competition is bringing in their own staff. Or you may have just become “redundant” and your employer is restructuring. Or it could even be that your are too expensive for them to keep and your employer hires someone younger and pays them less than you for the same work!


Here Are The Options...

Option #1 
Stay As An Employee And Keep Doing What You’re Doing And Hope That Things Get Better

Realistically what are the chances of that happening?

Option #2 
You Can Start Your Own Business

You become self employed and typically you’ll work even harder than you are now because you’ll have to do just about everything until you can make enough money to hire some help.

Option #3
You Can Have A Look At Owning And Building Your Own Brokerage

You get a shot at owning a true business where you can make the income you want and it will eventually run itself. You’ll finally make what you’re worth! Not just that but once established you’ll also have the freedom you want for you and your family. Isn’t that what it’s really all about? Wouldn’t it be worth spending 20 minutes on a zoom call to find out if this could build your dream?


"Doing The Same Thing Over And Over And Expecting A Different Result Is The Definition Of  Insanity! If You Want Things To Change Then You Have To Change."

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